No recession online says Google but here’s 7 tips to be sure

Claire Walsh, Google's Online Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
Claire Walsh, Google's Online Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

I attended a talk by Google’s online sales manager (UK & Ireland), Claire Walsh as part of the Donegal County Enterprise Board’s Business Week 2011.

A 1995 graduate of Letterkenny Institute of Technology, the location where she delivered her talk, Claire admitted that Google had not existed when she was a student.

That didn’t stop her doing an impressive job talking about Google’s products to the audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.

We’ve never had a recession during digital times before but, according to Claire, there is no recession online. In Ireland people are looking for hotel deals and online coupons.

If you don’t have a web presence – a virtual shop window – then your business is missing out on the potential worldwide audience of 2 billion people who are online and who conduct more than 4 billion searches each day.

So what are we all doing online?

  • Entertaining ourselves – 2 billion hits to YouTube per month
  • Socialising – 800 million unique visits per month
  • Shopping – 53% Irish consumers bought something online in the last three months

More than 20% of tweets contain a reference to a brand or a product and 34% of bloggers post brand or product reviews online. Proof, says Claire, that you need to be where the action is.

Incidently, this marketing shift is something that HubSpot’s Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah talk about in their excellent book, Inbound Marketing. This enormously successful book is a readable guide to getting today’s consumers to come to you.

They say “The rules of marketing have changed and the key to winning is to use this change to your advantage.”

Getting found by prospects and converting them into customers in today’s online world is what the book is all about.

And this shift of customers is easy to understand with just a glance at these statistics showing daily media consumption in the UK and Ireland:

  • 61% of us access the web
  • 54% watch TV
  • 36% listen to radio
  • 32% read newspapers

Google’s 7 tips for recession proofing yourself 

  1. See and act, the fastest businesses will survive
  2. Create your own online strategy and execute
  3. Make your website mobile friendly, like
  4. Have just one goal on your primary landing page
  5. Keep your website simple
  6. You will get returned high in the rankings if your site has what the customer is looking for 
  7. If using Google ads you need to test and refresh your ads – invest time to be successful

And finally, here is a heartwarming brand building ad from Google via YouTube, just for fun.

The favourite new thing I picked up from Claire’s talk, in case you’re wondering, was Google’s Wonder Wheel (look under search tools on the left hand navigation on Google).

This tool allows you to see other relevant search terms in a graphical way.

What’s your favourite Google tool?

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