Talk to me! Getting customer interaction, Learning Pool style

Social interactionAt Learning Pool we love Online Community Guide, Fever Bee

The daily email newsletters from Rich Millington, Fever Bee founder, deliver us little pearls of wisdom and more often than not give us something new to think about or confirm that what we’re doing with our own online community already is along the right lines.

So it was with this Fever Bee post on interacting with your community like a human being in mind that our own our Customer Help team was challeged to get every single member who signs up to our online community to engage with them.

Our Customer Help team comprises Tony, Billy, Andrew and Peter.

They are funny, witty, a bit rude and mercilessly sharp with each other whilst being consummate professionals to those who ring or email into the Learning Pool help desk.  

Fiercely competitive with each other, it was Tony who won the challenge.  He got the first response from a new member, much to the disgust of his colleagues who all wanted to win themselves and who thought their own approach to be the best.

How did he do it?

He told the first half of a joke to which the unsuspecting member had to respond to get the punchline. 

Unconventional, perhaps, but it worked and got the communication channel open.

He also jokes that he mentioned to the (female) new joiner that he had a lovely Northern Ireland accent that she could hear if she rang him.  Perhaps wisely enough, she doesn’t seem to have taken him up on that offer just yet.

I wonder whether Rich would approve?

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