If you only have 1 marketer this is what they should do

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I’ve been asked to help a micro IT company recruit its first marketing person.  Not only that, this will be the first none tech person to join their 8 strong team.

This has got me thinking about what the first marketing recruit in a new tech start up should do and what kind of person they should be.

Hubspot’s advice for hiring today’s marketing person, as espoused in Inbound Marketing, is four fold:

  • hire digital citizens
  • hire for analytical chops
  • hire for web reach
  • hire content creators

I’m also reading the Innocent book at the moment too and they, on the other hand, hire against three things:  values, capability and experience, in that order.

Whilst I do think it is vitally important to recruit someone who is more of a digital champ than a digital chump I think the most important thing is to get someone who can communicate.

Here’s my ideal Start Up Marketer’s job description:

  1. You must be able to write: sales collateral, website copy, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook profiles, funding submissions, sales tenders, business cards
  2. You must be able to speak:  on the phone, on the stage, on the radio; to journalists, prospects and suppliers
  3. You must be able to meet people:  face to face, in community forums, in business pitches, at trade fairs, at one to one meetings, just networking wherever needed

It’s all in the communication skills.

Of course education, other skills, and experience do still count for something.  But if someone can demonstrate their comns skills before or during the interview then this is very much A Good Thing.  If you like someone’s blog, Twitter stream, LinkedIn profile or other socmed presence then you’ve already got an idea about how they could work out for you.

I’ve got some interview tips which I might share in another blog shortly.

What do you think?  Am I being too simplistic?  Does the start up marketer need other skills that I’ve missed here?

2 thoughts on “If you only have 1 marketer this is what they should do”

  1. All good points, but they also need to understand the technology side, whatever the company is providing.

    They need to communicate well with their technical colleagues. They will need some technical knowledge to do this effectively and to establish credibility.

    As the first marketing person they will often be the voice of the company. So they need to understand the domain space and underlying technology

    1. Hi Giles

      Thanks for the comment. I agree, a tech marketing person fbsolutely needs to understand the tsoftware but I think that the right person can learn this once they’re in. This doesn’t need to be a factor in the recruitment.


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