In Praise of the Priority Matrix

plate spinning

Not enough hours in the day?  Too much to do?  Head full to overflow?  Think the girls in the picture have it easy?

Here’s a quick tool that @mmarymckenna introduced me to to help me keep my plates spinning.

The Priority Matrix
The Priority Matrix

There is a whole industry around time management, I know, but this table plus the practice of writing a maximum 6 pointer To Do list on a fresh page in my notebook each day keeps me sane.  Ish.

8 thoughts on “In Praise of the Priority Matrix”

  1. I’ve done similar for some time using a 1-5 rating where 1= extremely important & 5 = trivial, together with A-E for urgency where A=emergency and E =Eventually. So top hits are anything that’s 1A and bottom of the pile are 5E.

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