Lipstick by Mel Bradley

lipstick samples
Lipstick, a poem by Mel Bradley

In the week of International Women’s Day I’m delighted to publish a guest post from my talented friend and self styled love poet, Mel Bradley.


I don’t care much for lipstick
It’s not really my thing
It makes my lips feel obvious
And somewhat out of place.
I wasn’t always so shy of my assets,     
My younger days relished their advantage.
Back, when I was playing dress up
And pretending that I was a girl.

I wore my supposed sexuality with pride
And loved those lurid hues,       
The ‘racy red’, ‘hot orange’, ‘party purple’
Oh, and ‘seductive pink’.
Purple and Pink to make the boys wink
Well, that’s what I was always told.
Purple and Pink and boy did they wink     
Then move in for a little bit more.
But the unattractive contagious rash
Dressed in all those lurid hues,
That smashed-up red, not-so-hot orange, hung-over purple
Oh and, what was so seductive about that pink?   

It took me a long time to realise
What my dress up play really meant.
See that was my way of making me normal,
And not feel so out of place.
But I hid how I felt inside my head,     
Only joking with half-serious intent.
Because I didn’t understand what I was
What the rules were for being me.
Then you came into my world
With your cheeky confident wink     
Giving me the warm and fuzzies,
That I’d hold onto for days and days.

You didn’t like being a girl
You weren’t comfortable in your skin.
It was through you, I finally understood myself   
And realised what I had to do.

See, you’re not one for lipstick either
I mean, it’s not really your thing too.
You like my lips the way they are
I am pretty enough for you.       
Now yours is the only wink that I want
Our kiss is unattractive and contagious rash free
We’ve no need for pretending or playing dress up
When it comes down to the truth, there’s just you and me.

Mel Bradley

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