5 posts I liked enough to share

5 is the magic number
Five recent marketing blog posts worth a read

This week I’m sharing five blog posts that have caught my eye and which I think are worth a look if you’re interested in social media, marketing or how to tell a good yarn.

1.  Guide to formatting WordPress posts and pages – Copyblogger

This is a very simple and basic introduction to the formatting functionality available for WordPress posts and pages.  Great for any newcomer to WordPress.

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2.  How to weave a story that instantly captivates your audience – Copyblogger

An interesting companion to the nuts and bolts post above.  In this post there are some tips about how to tell a magical story, illustrated via an incident with a washing machine.  Trust me.  Like all Copyblogger posts this is well written and motivational for all would-be story tellers.

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3.  75 tips to manage your social media efforts – Quicksprout

A great collection of easy to digest tips for getting the most out of your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles in 2012.  For example, tip number 23 advises you to create follower groups and segment your status updates on Facebook using their new segmenting features.

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4.  What to obsess over – Seth Godin

One of the world’s favourite marketers and a man given to writing witty and pithy blog posts cuts to the chase here.  “If you track concepts your concepts will get better.  If you track open rates your subject lines will get better,” he says.

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5.  Content marketing through the sales funnel – Small Business News

The title of this post lets it down but nevertheless it’s worth a read.  A useful and interesting post that outlines four areas in the sales and marketing funnel that most frequently need attention.

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