My day in 10 pictures

Lamp light

My day invariably starts with the flick of a switch and the glow of this lamp.  No need for an alarm clock on a normal day as the two human versions tend to be very reliable.

Stair gate and stool

Mornings are busy in any house and ours is no exception.  Even though we don’t have stairs we use stair gates on the bathrooms to reduce the remote-down-the-toilet risk.  However, today The Two Year Old has found an ingenious solution and was caught cocking his little leg up to get in.  Plan B now required.

Moshi Monster with pink hair
I’m sure Michael Acton Smith is a lovely man as well as an impressive entrepreneur but I rue the day when he brought Moshi Monsters to us.  The Eight Year Old ‘found’ this dude outside Granny’s house yesterday so finders-keepers, right Mum?  Er, no, give it back to your cousin, she’s missing it.  As a marketer I can admire how the tapping in to an eight year old’s obsessive streak has been so clevery done by Moshi Monsters.  As a parent, not so much.  Tears at breakfast.

Broken digger

The Two Year Old broke the jib on his digger.  Too much love.  His face is looking at me, knowing with 100% confidence that I can fix it, can’t I?  More tears at breakfast.

My desk

And so to work.  Blessed relief.  I love the soothing, deep cobalt blue of the wall behind my screen, it’s a perfect backdrop for the places I’m taken to via that computer.  It’s my version of the opening credits for In The Night Garden.   From the window I can see countryside.  I am lucky.

coffee cup
I won an iPad in a Stena Line competition asking for suggestions to improve the ferry crossing experiences.  When I’m working I use it to keep track of a client’s Twitter stream while using the laptop for the other stuff.  I love the flexibility of freelancing and have worked on some very interesting projects since I started in June.  I can’t imagine not doing it now.

reading books

Once I’m in the zone with work, lost and totally focused, it can be hard to leave.  Luckily the boys love their books and I can sometimes get a few precious extra minutes.

Muckish at sun set

If I get up out of my chair to look out of the window I can see Muckish Mountain.  Its iconic table top shape is one of Donegal’s most recognised features and is easy to climb.  The view from the top is stunning, with miles of unspoilt Atlantic coastline, Tory Island and the Bluestack Mountains to the south all visible.  This sunset is quite typical; many artists have settled here, lured by the light created by our proximity to the sea.

Amelia's plane

The Husband has been away on a course this week learning exciting new skills for our next venture.  We picked him up from Derry Airport and this model of Amelia Earhart’s aeroplane is in the arrivals area.  It’s there because Amelia made an emergency landing in the area en route to Paris from Newfoundland in 1932, the first woman to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic.  An inspirational lady.

Lasagne and apple crumble

We’re having left over lasagne for tea again.  With the Husband away I’ve relied a lot on the Grandparents this week so I repaid the favour in a small way by cooking Sunday lunch.  Lasagne is a favourite of everyone’s, served with garlic bread, salad and chips for the kids (and Grandad).  There were no apple crumble left overs, unsurprisingly.

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