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The Social Sickness (infographic)

I’ve been collecting some great infographics for a while and want to share one here each day this week, since it’s nearly Christmas.

Today’s blog is about everyone’s favourite topic – social media.

Social media is part of most marketing job roles nowadays.  If you’re always online via your smart phone or tablet the temptation to throw out a little tweet, post, pin or share for your job when you’re online with your friends and family anyway is huge.

Here’s a list of ten social media personas and the unhealthy relationships they have with social media.  How many of these bad habits have you fallen in to?*


*hands up, I ‘fess up to one of these.  Ok, two.

Thanks to Marketo for the infographic and Rohit Bhargava for the original idea.

Tomorrow’s infographic is about customer surveys and how they can backfire.  If you don’t want to miss it pop your email address into the box on the top right to receive these blog updates straight to your inbox.