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Opinion burnout (infographic)

In the second of my week of infographics here’s one I like about customer surveys.

In the olden days marketers used use postal surveys, people in the street with clipboards and inserts in newspapers and magazines as tactics to garner opinon from customers and prospects.

From creation and execution through to collation and consideration, quick and cheap it wasn’t.  Thought through, considered and pondered over?  Most times.  Maybe.

Nowadays, thankfully, we have ready made audiences primed and willing to converse.  We have templates for surveys and advice on question structure.  We have the internet to make it fast and free.  Which makes it (a bit too) easy.

But, as the infographic shows, American adults were invited to complete 7 billion surveys in a year, so it’s small wonder many get ignored.  The simple pointers in this visual are a reminder of how we can make ours stand out from the crowd and thefore increase the chance of completion.

opinion burnout

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

Source:  Thanks to Zendesk.

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